Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Restored Rolex DateJust With 3035 Movement.

A few months back you may have seen a water damaged Rolex DateJust in our blog.  Water Damaged Rolex DateJust With 3035 Movement.

We got some time so we decided to show the completed Rolex.  If you view the link above you will see the "before" pictures of this watch when it arrived.

The movement on this watch was very badly damaged, but now it looks presentable and the movement runs fine and produces a nice straight line on the timeing machine.

This is the restored dial.  We also added the diamonds.

We installed a new Rolex crystal.  The case and bezel were also refinished.

This is the restored movement.  Compared to the damaged movement this is a great improvement.

Here you see the balance wheel in operation.  Note the blurr of the balance.

Every gear and wheel along with the reverser gears were replaced in this Rolex 3035 movement.

Restored DateJust with original band installed.

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