Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Recent Rolex Dial Refinishing by Antique Time.

Here are some recent Rolex dial refinishing jobs on watches we have serviced in our shop.  Some of these dials were nothing more than worn metal discs and a few of them had broken dial legs.  All in all they turned our very good.

A simple color change.

This dial was just a metal disc that could hardly be read.

This dial was very badly damaged when the owner dropped the watch and broke the sapphire crystal.  Of course he blamed us for the damage to his dial.  You can still see damaged four marker from when he broke the crystal.

A custom MOP dial with genuine emeralds.

DateJust dial with diamonds added and refinished.

A very early Submariner dial.  This dial was missing the dial legs and was another one that you could hardly read what the dial said.  Two dial legs were added and the dial refinished to original condition.

Early Rolex President dial that was very rusty.  Refinished to original condition.

Nice MOP dial.  We also added a Rolex conversion sapphire crystal.  Turned out to be a very beautiful watch.

Nice 18kt. white gold Cellini.  The dial was refinished as it was very worn and also had some dial leg damage at the 11 position.  If you look close you can still see the dimple from the dial leg at the 11 position.

For more information about dial refinishing available from Antique Time please visit our web site at http://www.horologist.com/.