Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Saint Gaudens High Relief Double Eagle Gold Coin 1907.

The most beautiful Twenty Dollar gold piece ever minted by the United States was the Saint Gaudens Double Eagle.  The most amazing one was the High Relief one that was minted in 1907.  Now in 2009 the mint has again struck another High Relief Double Eagle that is based on the original Saint Gaudens design.

The coin shown below is an original one struck in 1907.

Coin in PCGS grading holder.

This is the reverse side of the coin with the Flying Eagle.

Note the Roman Numerals used for the date.

Detailed view of the reverse side of the coin with the Flying Eagle.

You can see the very high relief of the Eagle on this coin.

Note the Roman Numeral date and high relief details on the obverse side of the coin.

These coins can be purchased for prices ranging from about $7500.00 to as much as $10,000.00 in conditions that are still very good and not showing much wear at all.

This is a picture of the new Saint Gaudens Double Eagle that has been struck by the United States Mint.  We will feature this coin in another posting.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

New 2009 Lincoln Pennies. They Are Rather Neat.

I remember back in 1959 when my Dad showed me the new Lincoln penny.  To me as a kid I remembered just how neat the new ones looked with the Lincoln Memorial on the reverse side of the coin.  I was only 8 years old at the time.  Now many years later we have four new Lincoln pennies for 2009.
Below are pictures of the new series of Lincoln coins.

This is my favorite showing the building of the United States Capitol.

This one shows Lincoln in his early life as a rail splitter.

This one shows Lincoln's cabin where he was born.

All of the new Lincoln pennies depict important events in Lincoln's life.

I have checked many times at the local banks and they do not have any of these new coins available.  If you are looking for them you can always try the store at the United States Mint.  They have a web site at http://www.usmint.gov/.

So keep your eyes open and check your change and maybe you will find one of the new Lincoln pennies.

Friday, September 25, 2009

The Official Count Down Timer To 12-21-2012

Many people think that something will happen on 12-21-2012.  Actually they believe that the world will come to some sort of a tragic end on that date.  What do you think?  The History Channel has run several programs on this subject.

So here is your "Official Countdown" timer so that you can make the appropriate plans for the end!

The Official Countdown

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Making Your Own Watchmakers Screw Head Polishing Tool.

There are many different types of watchmaker's screw head finishing or polishing tools.  Some are designed to mount into an 8mm WW style lathe commonly used by watchmakers.  Some are made to be operated by hand while revolving both the screw and finishing wheel.  However, one of the most handy types can be made using the following instructions.  This one is made so that it can hold any size of lathe collet making it possible to polish any size screw head.

Diagram showing design details.

This shows the actual tool and a nice storage holder for it.

This shows the bottom of the tool with a collet holding a screw for polishing.

Another view of the bottom of the tool.  It is important that all three legs be of the same length otherwise the screw would not be level after polishing.

Part of the fun and enjoyment of watchmaking are the neat small tools that you get the opportunity to use almost on a daily basis.

We hope you take the time to make one of these and better yet we hope you actually put it to good use as there are many old pocket watches that have screws that are rusted or pitted.  Polishing them will help to make your watch look like new.

Post Office Badges As Collectibles. Uniform Shirt Badges.

Obsolete Post Office badges are very collectible items.

These early badges were most often worn by Letter Carriers and window clerks.  The obsolete badges were inlaid with blue fired enamel and came with a unique number at the top of the badge.  Also on the lower portion of the badge the city would also be embossed.

Some of these badges did not have the city listed but simply said "Employee."

The center of the badges always had the Pony Express rider.

The reverse side of the badges were also marked
as being U. S. Government Property.  If one was ever lost the finder could drop it into any mail box and it would be returned to the correct Post Office.

Reverse Side of Badge

Some versions of the badge simply showed the word "Employee" and the city and state were added to the center ring.  The Pony Express rider image changed a little on these versions.

As for values most of the time depending on the location of the Post Office these badges sell for between $75.00 and as much as $150.00.

Another type of Post Office badge are the ones used on hats.  We will show some of these in another posting about them.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Fires In Medford & Ashland, Oregon. 9-21-09

Today there were two major fires located in the Rogue Valley.  The first one was located in Ashland, Oregon just south of Medford.  Then at about 3:00PM another fire started burning in Medford, Oregon.  We were more aware of the Medford fire as we are located across the street from one of the Medford fire stations.  All of their trucks left and then we noticed more air tankers leaving the MFR airport.

To me it would appear that both of these fires were probably acts of arson as in all the years I have lived here I have never heard or seen two major fires in one day within only a few hours or each other.

As of now three television stations are off-the-air as well as two radio stations.  Also in the Medford fire there have been several explosions and there appears that several homes have been destroyed.

Many air tankers have been fighting the Medford fire and several spotter planes are also in the air.

Below are some pictures that I took of the Medford fire.  Look close as you can see the tankers dropping water on the flames.

View from about 1.5 miles away.

This photo taken about one mile from the fire in Medford across from the Rogue Valley Mall.

Wide angle view of Medford fire.

Picture shows fire that is about to destroy a few homes on the hillside.

If you look at the edge of the smoke on the right side you can see a tanker in the air.

View of fire from the parking lot at the Rogue Valley Mall.

Another view of the Medford fire that is located east of the Rogue Valley Mall.

It is now 5:15PM and the tankers are still in the air working to stop the fire.  The thick black smoke is getting much lighter in color.

Will keep you posted when we know more about the causes of these two fires.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

eBay Has Started Its Top Rated Seller Program.

eBay has now started its so-called Top Rated Seller program.  How sweet is that?  Ever since eBay got joined at the hip with the morons that brought us DSR's or for those that don't know, Detailed Seller Reports, here is just another eBay mess based on those horrible DSR's.  I would imagine that the brain trust at eBay who are in a desperate battle to keep their jobs simply had to create something of value based on the unfair practice of DSR's.

Not only does eBay have their Power Seller program which is based totally on sales volumn but now here comes just another thing to take up screen space and auction space.  The large seal that is shown is displayed inside of a seller's auction or listing.  A much smaller version is seen when potential buyers are surfing eBay listings.

So does the new Top Seller program actually do anything at all?  We asked around and found out that most buyers pay no attention to these cute little impressive seals.  Buyers are searching for specific items of interest such as a certain year of a Morgan silver dollar.  When they find what they have been looking for it makes no difference to the buyer if the seller is "Top Rated" or not.  What the buyer wants is his item.  He is not buying from someone just for the honor of saying later that he bought his coin from an eBay Top Rated seller.  Buying from a Top Rated seller adds NO VALUE to the item purchased.

The other problem with the Top Rated seller program is the fact that it is based directly on the Detailed Seller Ratings.  Sellers have known from the very beginning of this flawed program and that it is totally unreliable at best.  A seller can do everything by-the-book and still get a low rating.  The reason is just simple human behavior.  Many buyers are very critical people and nothing a seller does will please them.  You could give them the moon-with-a-fence around it and they would still give a seller low marks which results a lowered eBay rating.  There are buyers that don't believe anyone deserves all high marks.  They believe everyone can still be better and that there is always room for improvment.  It's the buyers chance in life to be like a teacher grading some term paper.

A perfect example of this are those sellers that even get marked down on the price of shipping when all of their items come with FREE shipping.  Try and explain that one oh great and wonderful brains at eBay.

I think it is time that eBay does some real soul searching and goes back to the basics that made eBay what it once was.  None of these cute little eBay programs does anything for their bottom line.  Rather it hurts them and sellers alike.  Sellers are leaving eBay in record numbers due to eBay's constant changing of policies and rules and regulations.

eBay is a sinking ship and yet nobody at eBay seems to understand this.  Why you ask?  Because nobody who works for eBay has any experience being a seller and they can't relate to the hell eBay puts its sellers through.

Friday, September 18, 2009

Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Company History & Insulators.

Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Company

I am posting this information because of the wonderful insulators that were used by the Postal Telegraph.  One of the later insulators is posted below that shows the "Postal" embossing.

The history of the Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Company is simple. When Mr. John W. Mackay, the famous Bonanza millionaire, and Mr. James Gordon Bennett, of the N. Y. Herald, associated themselves together for the purpose of building the “Commercial” cable across the Atlantic, they readily recognized the fact that the “Field” cable was operated in conjunction with the Western Union lines, and that a rival cable must be fed by friendly inland lines. Of course, where a direct message was sent—say from London to San Francisco—the Western Union Company, as a common carrier, was obliged to accept it from the “Commercial” Cable Company, but at the same time such business was subjected to delays and inconveniences, which would soon be ruinous. In order to overcome this difficulty, Mr. John W. Mackay resolved to organize the Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Co., and to endow it with appliances and resources which would enable it to compete with any and all existing lines.

The affairs of the new company were at this time placed in the hands of Mr. Henry Rosener, one of the Directors of the Commercial Cable Company, and an old-time friend of Mr. Mackay. Parenthetically, it may be remarked that Mr. Mackay and Mr. Rosener became acquainted during the Washoe excitement, when the latter was engaged in business in Virginia City, and the former was laying the foundations of the great fortune he now possesses, and a warm friendship was subsisted between the two gentlemen ever since. Events, however, have demonstrated that Mr. Rosener had other qualifications for this high trust besides Mr. Mackay’s friendship. The demonstration is, so to speak, ocular. It is found in the wonderful way in which the Company has succeeded in the face of the opposition of the Western Union monopoly. A vast system has been organized, which represents a perfect network of wires, extending from the Pacific to the Atlantic Ocean, where it meets the Mackay and Bennett Cable, and through it is united to the telegraphic system of the world. The Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Co.’s system is now completed, and in a few days the doors of its offices, which are located in the Nevada Block, will be opened for business. The system has been built with the greatest care and of the very best materials. The Company had ample financial backing, and Mr. Rosener wisely resolved to equip his lines with very modern improvement, and so be in a position to render the public a quicker and in every respect better service than the Western Union could. It is upon this basis that battle is about to be fought. The Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Co., with its strong new wires and improved instruments, will be able to carry messages through all kinds of weather with the utmost celerity. There will be little or none of those annoying break-downs, which so often interfere with the transaction of business. The lines have for a starter two number six and two number ten hard-drawn copper wires all the way through from the Pacific to the Atlantic coasts, and these wires, when operated in conjunction with the improved instruments with which the Company has furnished its offices, will be capable of doing as much work as sixteen ordinary wires.

That the business world will rally to the support of the new enterprise goes without saying, because it will furnish a better and fresher service than its rival ever did. Its very existence will destroy a monopoly which most people have regarded as exceptionally overbearing and cruelly exacting. For this reason, if for no other, the business world should see to it that the Pacific Postal Telegraph Cable Company be liberally patronized.

San Francisco News Letter and California Advertiser

Social Networking Sites In The Business Environment.

Yes this sort of does smell like old people but I believe that in today's business environment social networking sites have no place.  This might be "old people" thinking but it is true.

A few years ago I thought it would be really neat and kind of fun to join MySpace even though I am not a typical "joiner" of anything let alone any social networking site.  Friends told me it was a dumb move on my part and after about two years I know what they were talking about.

To make matters worse I joined Facebook which opened the floodgates of disaster.  The problem with both sites is all the so called "friend" requests that you have to muddle through.  The other problem is that people simply just can't leave you alone.  So I decided to close my MySpace account.  MySpace is all or none.  If you close it everything your friends posted for you and all of your cute little comments will vanish into the black hole of cyberspace.

Facebook is a little better.  If you close your Facebook account they save it for you just in case you decide that you were really drunk or something and made the wrong choice about ending it all.

But my point is this.  You are better off directing your efforts to your own company web site where you have total control over your content and you don't have to worry about the so-called privacy settings of MySpace and Facebook.  The other benefit is the fact that YOU and only YOU control the ads that appear on your own web site.  With MySpace and Facebook if you enter any information about your business and what your business does, then the next day you see nothing but advertisements from your competitors.  Really nice huh?  In effect you may be cutting your own business' throat.

So my humble suggestion to you is that you eliminate any connection with MySpace and Facebook.  There are much better places to post quick content and information.  For example Twitter is very good for this.  Instant updates that customers can view.  The downside of Twitter are all the spammers and all the girls with their porn sites.  You really have to police your Twitter accounts and promptly block these offenders.  If you don't, some people might think you are "following" some porn site.

The other thing with Twitter is that many people think it is the new age Pog and all they do is "collect" "followers."  I avoid following many people.  To me I pick the ones that have like interests such as antique collectors or watch collectors.  I also avoid the users that post worthless information every 30 minutes.  Afterall it is a proven fact that about 50 percent of all Twitter posting are worthless pieces of junk and useless information.

So for me it is Good Bye to MySpace and Facebook.  Let the kids play on them so that some unknown person can guide and direct your child.  In my opinion both sites should be shut down as both places represent the best of human error.

Watch Repair Booth on the Street in Bangkok, Thailand.

This is a cute little watch repair stand in Bangkok, Thailand. 

You actually see many of these around.  It is also amazing at just how much these "watchmakers" can actually do from one of these benches.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

New York 212 Area Code Cell Phone SIM Cards.

eBay 212 Area Code Listings.
It is totally amazing that people go and get 212 area code sim cards for mobile phones and then offer them on eBay at very high prices.

Some of them come with about $10.00 worth of air time and then you can port them over to any carrier.

Save yourself some money.  If you really want one of these go and get your own for next to nothing.

The 212 area code was a rare prefix, but as of late they are NOT and you would be better off NOT buying one of these on eBay.

eBay Motors & Dealer Fees. Don't Get Ripped Off.

Dealer Fees. Don't Get Ripped Off!

by: timebuilder( 879)

27 out of 29 people found this guide helpful.

Guide viewed: 2282 times Tags: E350, E420, E430, SLK, CLK
Mercedes Benz
S Class, E Class, C240, C230
Benz S500
Kompressor, Benz AMG
Many sellers on eBay Motors use hidden seller fees. Avoid these sellers who add Dealer Service Fees, Vehicle Preparation Fees, Document Fees, Administrative Fees, and Vehicle Inventory Tax Fees.
Please read this and PLEASE VOTE for this guide. This is intended to save YOU, the potential buyer from paying more than you should for a vehicle on eBay Motors.
In addition to your winning bid or when you use Buy It Now to purchase a vehicle on eBay Motors you may run into many sellers who add many extra fees to the purchase price of your vehicle. Most of these sellers are dealers who either own or work for a dealership. You seldom encounter these extra fees when buying from private sellers of vehicles on eBay Motors.
It should be noted that eBay Motors permits dealers to charge these hidden fees and they make no attempt to regulate excessive fees that are charged by sellers on eBay Motors!
These "hidden" fees can add hundreds of dollars to the purchase price of your new vehicle. These sellers often admit that they do not have any legal requirement to charge these fees but do it anyway. Don't buy a vehicle from them!
It is very important to READ all the FINE PRINT in each eBay Motors Auction before you bid or buy. These fees can be avoided. Here are some of the fees you may encounter and you should avoid.
Vehicle Preparation Fee: One seller charges $49.00 to check the tires, check fluid levels and vehicle interior and the brakes. Avoid these types of fees. It is only prudent that the seller check these items before selling the vehicle in the first place. Remember that it is illegal to sell or offer for sale an unsafe motor vehicle.
Dealer Service Fee: These fees will run as high as $150.00. Sellers never seem to say what these fees cover but these dealers should be avoided.
Document Fee: I have seen these fees run on the low end at $50.00 to $500.00 on the high end. Most sellers have document fees that range between $199.00 to $399.00. I would suspect that most of these fees are used to cover the cost of listing the vehicle on eBay Motors. Don't buy from these sellers.
Administrative Fee: Many of the sellers on eBay Motors seem to charge this fee. The typical cost is $52.00. Again most of these dealers fail to explain what this fee actually covers. Avoid these sellers.
Vehicle Inventory Tax Fee: This fee or tax is usually charged by dealers in the Texas area. This tax or fee is .002679 per cent of the sale price of the vehicle being sold. So on a $10,000.00 vehicle the tax would be about $26.79. Are these dealers so cheap that they can't pay this tax? Avoid these sellers! If they are so cheap that they can't pay this they are not worth buying a car from.
I have only found one dealer who admits in his auction that he has NO LEGAL basis to charge the extra fees that are listed in his dealer auctions for vehicles, but does it anyway.
Again, if you are looking to buy a good vehicle on eBay Motors, there are many sellers to purchase from that don't charge these extra fees.
Look before you buy and READ all the details of the auction first. If you don't like what you see, move on as there are many other cars available on eBay Motors where these fees don't exist.
You can also call most of these dealers and negotiate these fees with them. Remember, they want to make a sale and most of the time will remove these EXTRA charges. Don't get E-Screwed by these dealers.
Here are some typical examples:
There is a nominal Processing Fee of $299.00, this applies to EVERYONE so please don't ask for an exception, none will be made. Out-of-State Residents; Processing Fee of $299.00 is due at the time of sale.
Don't buy from these sellers. Your money looks better in your pocket NOT theirs!
The only fee associated with the sale is a $150.00 transaction fee which covers processing of all paperwork, vehicle pre-delivery costs, cleanup, FedEx of paperwork, and In-Transit plates so the vehicle can be driven prior to transfer of title in your area.
It is obvious that this seller is covering the cost of selling the vehicle on eBay Motors. Charging the buyer for "cleanup" and "pre-delivery costs." Pre-delivery cost is just another term for "eBay listing fees and first bid fees" that eBay Motors charges sellers.
Don't fall victim to these extra seller fees. Don't pay them and don't buy from sellers that charge them!
Here is another example from a dealer in Ohio. This one makes no sense at all.
Fee and Tax Information: A documentary fee will be applied. Its 10% of sale price from $1 to $2499.99, and $250.00 from $2499.99 and up. Title fee of $25.50 will be applied at the time of sale.
Like I have stated many times before, avoid these sellers and save yourself hundreds of dollars.
Below is an example of how one eBay Motors dealer hides the extra costs of their auctions by making the fonts sizes small and also makes the text very light and hard to read in the auction. The original text was very small and very light colored and blended into the auction background. It was not possible to duplicate it here due to eBay restrictions on using HTML tags.
Please note: Texas residents are responsible for state sales tax (6.25%), vehicle inventory tax, license fees, documentary fee ($50.00) and a miscellaneous fee ($250.00). Out of state buyers are responsible for vehicle inventory tax, documentary fee ($50.00) and miscellaneous fee ($250.00). Inventory tax is calculated at 0.21% (that is 21 per $10,000).
These sellers appear to be trying to hide their fees which amount to $300.00 extra in addition to the purchase price of the vehicle. If they try to hide the "fine print" what else are they trying to hide?
The award for the eBay Motors dealer with the HIGHEST FEES goes to a dealer in Knoxville, TN. Their fee is well hidden in their auctions. It simply states, "all bids plus $597.80 dealer fee."
all bids plus $597.80 dealer fee? What are these sellers giving you for almost $600.00? The answer is this. NOTHING but ripping you, the BUYER off.
Save YOUR money and only buy from private parties or eBay Motors sellers that DON'T charge these fees.
Its about time that eBay Motors puts a stop to the rip off of auto buyers on eBay Motors. Why does eBay protect these sellers anyway?

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Mulford & Biddle UPRR Threadless Insulators

If you are collecting railroad pocket watches then you may as well collect the wonderful threadless insulators that were used on the telegraph lines that followed the railroads.

This insulator is a threadless type and was made by Mulford & Biddle.  The ones used on the original UPRR railroad were marked with the UPRR embossing.

These wonderful insulators came in many different colors.  Values on these are now at about $400.00.

Ball Brotherhood of Locomotive Firemen Pocket Watch.

To me one of the best and most interesting of all American pocket watches are the 18 size Ball watches.  Out of these are the Brotherhood watches that related directly to the many jobs associated with railroads.
These Brotherhood watches have become very expensive over the last several years.  The one shown above sold for about $2500.00.
More Ball information to come later.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

eBay sellers & Buyers Are Closing Accounts In Protest Of eBay's Decision To Discontinue The eBay Blogs.

Here is a posting by an eBay member and blogger.  After many years he is closing his eBay account because eBay has decided to discontinue operating the eBay Blogs.

I Will Miss you all

Posted Sep-13-09 21:14:32 PDT Updated Sep-13-09 21:16:15 PDT

The message says it all, EBAY is committing murder to its own company. And it is a shame that all of us have to pay for ebay stupidy but I do not know if I will get another chance to say what is on my mind so I am saying it now. I have meet some wonderful people on the blogs and I buy most of my stuff from the blog so now that they will be closing it for good, I am closing my account with ebay as well, without the blogs I have no reason to be on ebay. I slowed down on selling on ebay for the same reason, Ebay is going down and it is horriable that they do not see they are destroying there own company.

Love you all and i will miss you all

Watchmakers and Horologists. An Interesting Trade In Modern Times.

Watchmakers and Horologists. An Interesting Trade In Modern Times.

Posted May-14-07 13:24:06 PDT

Watchmakers and Horologists


Being a watchmaker is a wonderful trade. Myself, I never really expected to become a watchmaker. My first love was the jewelers bench. All I wanted to do was set diamonds and precious stones. I loved to carve wax patterns and create beautiful one-of-a-kind rings and necklaces. I knew how to make diamond bezels for watches. I had been doing them for years. I also repaired many watch cases and gold watch bands. But it was the Rolex diamond bezel that would probably change my life.

As a small child, I did love watches. Everyone had one, especially the old-timers that were friends of my Grandfather. They all wore vests, dressed very dapper, and all carried a wonderful pocket watch at the end of a fabulous gold chain. My Grandfather many times would show me the "workings" of his watch. I was hooked, and the love of the pocket watch never left me. I think this is the main reason why I loved to do the "jewelry end" of watches. I loved to enhance them, repair the bands and add a few diamonds here and there. I also took great joy in repairing old pocket watch cases. Again, the worn out old watch could become like new again in the eyes of the owner.

But working on the movement, that strange mysterious ticking thing that somehow measured out the seconds of the day. Who would do that? I do remember going into many stores as a child and seeing the little old watchmaker, head bowed, hidden in his micro-world of watch repair. I was fascinated, amused, but soon walked away so not to annoy these strange little old men. In all, I became acquainted with five of them. But it was not until later that I would meet one that would change my life.

The year was 1974. I owned a trade jewelry company. We did the wholesale manufacturing and jewelry repair for the retail jeweler. We had many different accounts. Some were just your common run-of-the-mill ma and pa stores, some where high volume discount jewelers and several were the upper end guild division stores. These were the stores that carried watches such as the Rolex brand and others like Corum and Movados. I had often wondered who did the watch repair. I knew someone did as I often got many Rolex watches that needed bezels made or ones that needed lugs rebuilt. They were always given to me without the movement or the crystals. I would do my job, deliver the watch and a few days later, the district manager would show me the finished watch. They were beautiful, adorned with my bezels or diamond set lug ends. They were polished and looked "factory."

One day I was doing my appointed rounds delivering jewelry repairs. I noticed another man delivering watches. We started talking. The jeweler and the watchmaker had finally met. We went to dinner and continued our conversation. Thus began a relationship that lasted well over twenty years and would have a very great impact upon my life.

The colored picture was taken when Joe was 50, his age when I met him. The two black and white photos were taken in our shop in the late 80's.

Joseph A. Saitta, Certified Master Watchmaker, the man in the three pictures above, had moved to Salt Lake City back in 1951, from Brooklyn, New York. In New York, he owned and operated the Reliable Watch and Clock Repair company.

He began his watchmaking career at a very early age working in his uncle's watch shop. His uncle, Nunzio Lizzio taught Joe the basics of watchmaking. Later Joe would work for Henry Engle. Joe's uncle and Mr. Engle learned their trade at the Hungarian School of Watchmaking. This was at the time the premier college of watchmaking in the world. Mr. Engle had the most prominent watch repair business in New York. It was there that Joe completed his training as a watchmaker and thus becoming approved by the National Bureau of Standards, the agency that certified watchmakers in the 40's. Later the Horological Institute of America certified watchmakers. Then the HIA and the American Watchmakers Institute combined and most watchmakers were certified through this combined group.

Mr. Saitta and I decided to combine our services to the trade. Joe continued with the repair of high grade watches and I continued my trade as a jeweler. Joe insisted that he train me as a fully qualified watchmaker. I resisted at first, as this meant letting go of my jewelry trade for the next several years. I agreed to his training. I worked on pocket watches at first, and as my abilities improved, I started working on very small ladies wrist watches. I then moved into high grade watches such as the Rolex line and other fine timepieces. I learned how to jewel a watch, install new balance staffs, level a hairspring and everything in between. I became very good at gear cutting. After about 5 years of training, there was nothing that could not be accomplished at the bench.

Joe and I continued to work together until he retired from the bench. I continued to run the business. I have always been grateful that my linage as a watchmaker could be traced back to such wonderful beginnings. Because of Joe, I learned from his uncle Nunzio and I learned from Mr. Engle. Mr. Engle always said that the watch was not smarter than you. These three men were in fact real watchmakers, and they were the best. They didn't have the high tech machines that we use today to test watches with, all they had was the skill in their hands and the knowledge in their minds. I thank God that Joe took the time to train me, test me, encourage me and most of all befriend me. Because of Joe and his foresight and what he passed on to me, the business of watchmaking continues.

The Watchmaker
Mind to Conceive, Eye to Perceive, Hands to Achieve
Coordination in Finger Dexterity

Antique Time Vintage Watch Repair. Rolex Repair and Service.

Antique Time Vintage Watch Repair. Rolex Repair and Service.
Posted May-14-07 12:14:27 PDT


We specialize in the precision repair and service of Rolex Watches. Antique Time is also your source for Professional Service of American Railroad Grade Pocket Watches. We maintain a large inventory of Genuine Factory Parts. In addition to servicing your watch movement, we also have the ability to rebuild watch cases and watch bands. We repair and size all Solid Gold Watch Bands.

Rolex Case and Band Repair Is Our Specialty

Professional Rolex Watch Repair Service.

We Use Genuine Factory Watch Material For Most Repairs
Complete Overhauls of Vintage American Pocket and Wrist Watches
We Service Most Mechanical Watches. Gruen, Omega, Tissot
Hamilton, Waltham, Elgin, South Bend, Rockford, Illinois
We Stock All Sizes of Pocket Watch Glass Crystals
Solid Gold Watch Case and Band Repair.

Pressure Testing of Watch Cases to 3 Atmospheres & Beyond
Complete Jewelry Repair Service, Stone Setting, Sizing & Soldering.

The Rolex watch is a beautiful machine comprised of hundreds of precision parts all working in unison to precisely measure the escapement of time. Power delivered through the gear train by the mainspring is transmitted to the fast beating balance wheel, that due to its rapid arc of motion, is largely unaffected by external forces exerted upon it by the person wearing this fine tuned machine.© Text from an article by Stan Hoffman. All rights reserved.

Be Sure To Visit Antique Time For Professional Rolex Service and Repair.

Antique Time Professional American Pocket Watch Service and Repair.

Antique Time Professional American Pocket Watch Service and Repair.
Posted May-14-07 12:25:11 PDTwww.horologist.com

Pockets watches have always been treasured by their owners. It may have been your grandfather's Ball railroad watch, or maybe it is one you found yourself in an antique store. No matter what the history is, rest assured that we have the PARTS, EQUIPMENT & EXPERIENCE to bring it back to life.

We have one of the largest inventories of POCKET WATCH parts & material supplies available. This is important to our customers because we usually do not have to rely on material supply houses for our everyday material needs. This means you get prompt professional watch repairs delivered without delays.

Our Pocket Watch service and repair prices are very affordable. Railroad grade pocket watches can be fully serviced for as little as $82.50. Lower grade pocket watches such as seven jewel models can be serviced for as little as $62.50.

We do not cut corners when we service your pocket watch. They are taken completely apart and all parts are inspected and examined for any defects. The parts are then cleaned using the latest in automatic watch cleaning machines. These machines were designed specifically for cleaning watch movements. Your parts are cleaned in three different solutions. Our cleaning machines also have ultrasonic attachments which enhance the watch cleaning process.

After the cleaning process your watch is put back together and all parts are properly oiled and lubricated with the latest synthetic lubricants and oils. These synthetic lubricants last many years giving your watch the highest quality protection against wear.

Your pocket watch is then electronically timed and calibrated using quartz controlled timing machines to insure its proper timekeeping abilities. Your watch is timed according to your watches original manufacturers specifications.

Your pocket watch case is then polished if desired. The case is then cleaned using ultrasonic cleaners. The movement is then installed into the case at which time we make the final inspection of your watch.


Complete Watch Movements & Parts in all sizes
Genuine Factory Material Assortments
Pocket Watch Dials. Original & Reproductions
Glass Watch Crystals For Pocket Watches & Wrist Watches
Plastic Crystals By B&B, Rocket, & GS.
Mainsprings, Hairsprings, Balance Staffs
Roller Jewels, Balance Jewels, Cap & Plate Jewels
Pocket Watch Case Parts, Stems & Crowns, Sleeves
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Do YOU love ANIMALS? Please Support The ASPCA and Help Rescue Abused Animals.

Do YOU love ANIMALS? Please Support The ASPCA and Help Rescue Abused Animals.

There are animals that need your help. These pets, many of which have been abused by their owners need your help now. Both cats and dogs. These wonderful pets love their owners even when they have been abused by them which is sad and shows the innocense of these pets.

Please help them by joining the ASPCA by calling 1-888-460-9998 or you can visit the ASPCA web site at http://www.supportaspca.org.

Please give something back to animals that have given so much to us.

eBay, Amazon and Internet Sellers: Get Ready to Collect and Pay Sales Tax in all 50 States.

July 16, 2009
eBay, Amazon and Internet Sellers: Get Ready to Collect and Pay Sales Tax in all 50 States.

While everyone is paying attention to Health Care, the Sotomayor hearings and Cap & Trade, congress is quietly getting ready to impose sales tax on all internet sellers
Great Magicians master the craft of misdirection. They create a diversion with their right hand while the left hand is doing the real work. It seems our congress has studied the craft of magic too. Everyone pays attention to the big bills while hundreds of small --yet critically important bills are being crafted out of sight --and with no debate.

Lobbyists from firms such as Wal-Mart, Home Depot, Target and the National Retail Federation are throwing millions of dollars at House and Senate members to draft a series of bills that will force every internet retailer --large and small, to collect and pay sales tax in all 50 states. The pressure is not only coming from the retailers, but from state governments too who need the revenue.

Such a bill would kill millions of eBay and Amazon sellers and any small business that sells online. There are over 6 million people who make all or part of their income from online activities and they represent a huge chunk of the economy. And many of these companies employ people. All of these sellers will be affected. Such a bill would cost millions of job losses by small business.

If you sell on eBay, can you imagine how much work it would be to collect and pay sales tax in all the different states. Just registering for a sales tax number in all of the states would take weeks of work and cost thousands of dollars in fees.

These bills are being crafted and debated now. eBay, Amazon and other big online companies are lobbying against them, but they are outnumbered. But its not hopeless. Lobbyists may have the money, but we have the votes. And congress does listen when they get emails and phone calls.

Just go to: https://writerep.house.gov/writerep/welcome.shtml to email your congress person and senator. If you don't make some noise then this is coming. Be polite - but tell them NO TAX ON INTERNET SELLERS!

Precious Metals Market Continues To Rise.

Over the last few days the precious metals market continues to soar almost out of control. Today alone gold climbed $12.20 per ounce. Over the last week gold has climbed almost $50.00 per ounce.




The New Wedding Dance. You Have To Watch This Video. It Will Make You Happy.

The New Wedding Dance. You Have To Watch This Video. It Will Make YOU Happy.

Posted Jul-26-09 18:37:13 PDT

My friend in BKK found this video and sent me the link for it. These people in the video are getting married and their friends put together what I would have to say is simply the best wedding that anyone could ever have.

It would be great to have a group of friends just like these. So enjoy this video. It might make you smile.


From your friends at Timebuilder Auctions.

Rolex Registered Design Numbers and Models.

Rolex Registered Design Numbers and Models.

Model Numbers: Rolex model numbers range from four to six numbers. The number is located at 12 o’clock between the lugs and under the bracelet. The first two or three digits determines the type of watch. If the watch has five digits, the second numeral from the last describes the type of bezel. The last numeral describes the metal that the watch is made from. In the year 2000, Rolex began adding a 1 in front of some model numbers.

Air-King : 4365, 4925, 5500, 5501, 5506, 5520, 6500, 6552, 7784, 14000, 14000M, 14010, 14010M

Air-King-Date : 5700, 5701

Datejust : 1600, 1601, 1603, 1607, 1625, 1630, 6305, 6518, 6604, 6605, 6827, 16013, 16014, 16018, 16030, 16078, 16200, 16203, 16220, 16233, 16234, 16238, 16248, 16250, 16263, 16364, 116138, 116139, 116203, 116208, 116233, 116238

Datejust Mid-Size : 6824, 6827, 68240, 68243, 68248, 68273, 68274, 68278, 77080, 77014, 77438,77518, 78240, 78243, 78246, 78248, 78266, 78273, 78274, 78278, 78279, 78286, 78288, 81158, 81208, 81209, 81308, 81338, 81339, 178158, 178159, 178238, 178239, 178245, 178246, 178248, 178269, 178275, 178278, 178279, 178286, 178288

Day Date President : 1803, 1804, 1807, 6511, 6611, 18026, 18038, 18039, 18078, 18238, 18239, 18248, 18346, 18946, 18948, 18956, 18958, 118205, 118206, 118208, 118209, 118235, 118238, 118239, 118296, 118338, 118339, 118346, 118348, 118366, 118398, 118399

Daytona : 6239, 6240, 6241, 6239, 62,40, 6241, 6262, 6263, 6264, 6265, 6240, 6241, 16518, 16519, 16520, 16523, 16528, 116509, 116518, 116519, 116520, 116523, 116528, 116589, 116598, 116599

Explorer : 1016, 1038, 5500, 5501, 5504, 6098, 6150, 6298, 6305, 6350, 6610, 14270, 114270

Explorer II : 1655, 16550, 16570

GMT-Master : 1675, 6542, 16700, 16713, 16750, 16753, 16758

GMT-Master II : 16710, 16713, 16718, 16760

Oyster Perpetual (Time-Only) : 1002, 1004, 1005, 1006, 1007, 1008, 1010, 1014, 1018, 1023, 1024,1025, 1030, 1038, 1500, 1501, 1565, 5500, 6085, 6103, 6177, 6202, 6284, 6518, 6532, 6546, 6548, 6549, 6551, 6552, 6556, 6564, 6565, 6567, 6569, 6580, 6582, 6584, 6590, 6605, 6623, 6634, 14203, 14203M, 14208, 14208M, 14238

Oyster Perpetual Date : 1500, 1501, 1503, 1505, 1550, 1560, 1603, 1625, 5075, 6075, 6335, 6518, 6534, 6605, 6627, 15000, 15010, 15037, 15038, 15053, 15200, 15203, 15210, 15223, 15238, 15505

Oyster Perpetual Lady : 6718, 6719, 6723, 6724, 76180, 67193, 67194, 67197, 67198, 67230, 67243, 76030, 76080, 76094, 76183, 76188, 76193, 76198, 76243, 77518

Oyster Perpetual Lady Date : 6516, 6517, 6519, 6916, 6917, 6919, 69160, 69163, 69173, 69190, 69240, 79160, 79190, 79240

Oyster Perpetual Lady Datejust : 6916, 6917, 6927, 69136, 69163, 69173, 69174, 69178, 69179, 69278, 79068, 79078, 79079, 79088, 79089, 79126, 79136, 79138, 79158, 79159, 79163, 79166, 79168, 79173, 79174, 79178, 79179, 79238, 79288, 80318, 80319, 80298, 80299, 80309, 80318, 80319, 80328, 80329, 80359, 179136, 179138, 179158, 179159, 179165, 179166, 179168, 179173, 179175, 179178, 179179, 179239, 179298, 179368, 179459

Oysterquarz Datejust : 17000, 17013, 17014

Oysterquarz Day-Date : 19018, 19019

Sea-Dweller : 1665, 16600, 16660

Submariner : 5508, 5512, 5513, 5514, 5517, 6200, 6204, 6205, 6536, 6538, 6538A, 14060, 14060M

Submariner Date : 1680, 16800, 16610, 16610LV, 16613, 16618, 16803, 16808

Turn-O-Graph Datejust Thunderbird : 1625, 16253, 16268, 16263, 16264, 116261, 116263, 116264

Yacht-Master : 16622, 16628, 68623, 68628, 168622, 168623, 168628, 169623, 169628

Please note: As newer models arrive on the market we will update the information here.

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