Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Water Damaged Rolex DateJust 3035 Movement.

This men's Rolex DateJust was damaged by sea water.  The crown gasket and case tube gasket failed.  It is amazing how much water got into the case which caused very extensive damage.

This picture shows the damage to the movement when the case back was removed.

After the movement was removed from the case and the oscillating weight was removed it was noted that both reverser gears as well as the large brass winding wheel were all damaged, all needed to be replaced.

It was interesting to note that with all of the water damage the balance wheel was untouched by the water.

This picture shows the amount of water that got under the plastic crystal.  The dial is now in the process of being refinished to its original condition.

The date ring was also damaged and needed to be replaced.

Another view of the water damage under the crystal.

This shows the extensive damage that was done to the dial.

The total restoration of this Rolex is now well underway.  All damaged parts that need to be replaced are in stock and we are in the process of refinishing the dial to its original condition.  Each part of the movement has been removed and each part is being hand-cleaned of rust using fiberglass brushes.  After all of the rust is removed the movement and all of its parts will be cleaned using our automatic cleaning machines.  When this movement is completed it will be good as new and will again provide its owner with many more years of service.


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