Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Water Damaged Rolex President With 3055 Movement.

This is another example of a very badly damaged Rolex President.  The movement is a 3055.

This picture shows the watch with the damaged President dial.

Another view of the case with the damaged dial.

This shows the movement.  The oscillating weight fell out as the arbor was totally rusted away.

Another view of the damaged movement.

This shows the dial side of the movement.  Notice the extensive damage to the entire mechanism.

Close-up photo of the dial side of the movement.  All parts are totally destroyed.

This shows the auto winding mechanism.  All gears are totally destroyed.  Only the plates are good.

This is the oscillating weight.  Notice that the arbor has been rusted out and is no longer mounted in the weight.

This is the movement showing the extensive water damage to the upper plates and gears.

This is the auto winding mechanism of the Rolex 3055 movement.  This is damaged beyond repair for the most part.

The oscillating weight missing the arbor.

This is the destroyed Day wheel.  Notice the extensive water damage.

The Date wheel somehow for the most part survived the water damage, but will still need to be replaced.

Overview of the water damaged Rolex 3055 movement.