Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Lord Elgin New Way To Tell Time.

These watches were made in about 1959 by Elgin.  They were sold under the Lord Elgin name.  They were advertised as "The Modern Way To Tell Time."  The movement has two disks that are made of plastic and painted with the numbers.  At some point in time someone tried to remove the minute disk and it was damaged and then glued into position.

The movement has 21 jewels and is adjusted.

Case is gold filled and has a thick plastic crystal over the date wheels.

The inside of the case has two spacers or rings that hold the movement in place.  One is shown in this picture.

This shows the movement installed into the case.  The second retainer ring is shown around the movement and the crown is now installed.

Here you can see the two date wheels through the plastic window or crystal.

Another view of the watch with the date wheels showing.

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