Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Watchmakers Old Hand Operated Lathe or Turns.

This is a nice set of old watchmakers turns.  It's been restored and is on a nice wood base.  Saw this at the Antique Mall yesterday so thought I would share it here.

This shows the hand crank.

This shows the faceplate.  Upon checking, everything looked in good operating condition.  It was priced at $795.00.

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Rolex RED LETTER Submariner Design 1680.

The RED LETTER Submariner is an item that most collectors of Rolex watches have an intense desire to own.  Most of the time when you find just the dial only listed for sale, they usually go for around $3000.00 to $4000.00 based on condition.

This one came into our shop for service only.  The customer wanted the crystal left original and only polished.  Beyond that we serviced the movement and replaced the gaskets.

The movement was in very good condition.  The owner had not worn the watch in over 20 years.  Due to this the movement was in very good condition and showed no signs of wear.

Original crystal before polishing.

Crystal before polishing.  Note the Red Letter Submariner dial markings.

Red Letter Submariner dial markings.

Another view of the mint condition dial with original hands.

The movement is a 1570.

The 1570 movement with the blue steel hairspring.

Near mint condition Rolex 1570 movement.

Movement serial number 46784

The original bezel insert is missing the small pearl marker at the 12 position.

The crystal was lightly polished to remove scratches.  Note some of the chips around the edge of the crystal.  We also installed a new aftermarket band.
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Rolex Stainless Steel Case Corrosion of a DateJust.

Rolex uses what they think is a very specially alloyed stainless steel that is super strong and according to Rolex won't corrode.  However, this is not the case at all.  Their alloy might be "special" but it still corrodes and in many cases at a very alarming rate.

The picture above shows one of the lug ends with obvious pitting caused by excessive corrosion.

This is the case back that is pitted from corrosion.

Side view of this Rolex DateJust with corrosion.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

Rolex Dial Refinishing Some Recent Jobs.

Here are a few pictures of some recent dial refinishing jobs we have done.

Ladies Vintage Rolex Dial Refinish.

The following is a very nice Rolex dial that was refinished to a gloss black.

The original dial was the standard gold color that is used by Rolex.

Professional Rolex Dial Refinishing by Antique Time
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Corum Custom Dial Refinishing.

This is a custom Corum dial refinishing job that we just did.  The original dial was white with gold stick markers.  Our customer wanted the markers removed and wanted the Roman numerals added and the outside track markings added.

This watch is 18kt. gold with an ETA quartz movement.

Refinished Corum Dial.

This is the Dial installed on the movement and mounted into the Corum 18kt. gold case.

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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Vintage Rolex Dial Refinishing 10 1/2 HUNTER.

This is an interesting Rolex Dial.  It fits a Rolex manual winding movement.  The movement is marked 10 1/2 HUNTER.  It is also marked 7179 below the Hunter markings.  These markings are located under the dial on the movement.

Most of these that we have seen will have the markings on the movement that simply state 10 1/2 H.

The case for this watch is 18kt rose gold.  It is marked Rolex 31 Victoires, DeHaute Precision, Geneve, Suisse.

The movement as stated is a manual winding movement.  The stem and crown are located at the 3 position.

This dial was in very bad condition but has been restored to original.

Refinished dial installed on the movement.

The case back as well and the crystal bezel snaps onto the case ring.

This Rolex was sent to us from a customer in Bangkok, Thailand.

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Rolex Date Model 1500 Registered Design With Mother of Pearl Dial With String Diamonds and Markers.

Here is a very nice men's Rolex Date model watch with a MOP dial with string diamonds and diamond hour markers.

This Date model Rolex is a 1500 Design in stainless and gold bezel and crown.

The movement is a favorite of ours.  It has the 1570 movement.

Notice the following pictures of this watch is our custom Mother of Pearl dial with String diamonds added around the edge of the dial.

Diamond hour markers were also added to enhance the appearance of the watch.

The Mother of Pearl appears to change color depending on the angle it is viewed from.