Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rolex Yacht Master Mid-Size With Custom MOP Dial.

This Rolex mid-size Yacht Master is powered by the typical ladies 2030 Movement.  The movement fits into a retainer that is the right size for this case.  These are nice watches with the only drawback being the ladies movement which might not be durable enough when worn by men.

This watch had the typical silver colored dial.  At the request of our client we installed Mother-of-Pearl and added genuine emeralds to each of the markers.  All of the lettering on the dial was done to the original colors and specfications.

The original dial surface was machined down in order to apply the new MOP base.

By machining the surface of the dial down allows for proper hand clearance on the dial as well as allowing for the hands to clear the markers.

When the dial is ready to be installed it is important to check to make sure that the dial correctly snaps onto the movement.  There are two small slots that are cut into the side of the dial where it fits over the movement.  If the dial is loose you can adjust the fit by slightly pressing the lower portion of these two slots inward.  By doing so, the dial will snap onto the movement.   There are NO dial legs that hold the dial to the movement, so correct adjust for fit is important.

This is the new MOP dial installed onto the movement.  The hands have been adjusted for correct fit and set so that the date changes at midnight.

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